Lake Erie Beach is a private 100% Volunteer Fire Company, and EMS service. We are located along the shores of Lake Erie in Evans, N.Y. We also specialize in Ice and Water rescues, protecting our citizens on Lake Erie.


The Volunteers at Lake Erie Beach Respond at all hours to protect the Town of Evans. Our firefighters are trained to extinguish fires as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The Lake Erie Beach EMS Squad consists of Basic Level Emergency Medical Technicians. The EMS volunteers provide medical support for any Medical Emergency. The EMS Staff can respond to remote locations utilizing the Lake Erie Beach Gator. This allows us to provide medical attention where ever necessary.


Lake Erie Beach water rescue squad utilizes an Inflatable Avon rescue boat. The inflatable boat allows quick launch from almost any location along the shore of Lake Erie. LEB also houses a RDC (Rapid Deployment Craft) that can be utilized in several different water and
ice rescue situations.


Lake Erie Beach specializes in Ice Rescue on the waters of Lake Erie. LEB Members have gone through extensive training on Ice Rescue Techniques, equipment, and scenarios. LEB also relies on other Mutual Aid companies to assist in rescues.